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Elizabeth Spencer - Writer

It has never been
doubted that Elizabeth
Spencer knows the small,
Southern, backwoods
hilltown down to the
bone. This she transforms
by the accuracy of her
eye and ear, talent and
a certain prankish gaiety
of spirit into a vital
and absorbing novel.

Teoch Plantation

What [her] stories
do wonderfully,
for me, is explore
the ties that bind—in
families, friendships,
mysterious, twisted,
chafing, inescapable,
and life-supporting
such ties are.

Eudora Welty, writer Magnolia Alice Munro, writer

...like that of all good novelists, her work, which often takes place
outside the South, transcends its parochial roots. In its depictions
of the human condition, its revelation of human motives, and of human
triumphs and defeats, it speaks to readers everywhere. Her books instruct
us about ourselves and about our world.

Walter Sullivan, writer
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